To request writing and editing services, please complete the form below.  Please be as specific in detail as is possible.  Do note, applicable services do not include ghostwriting or academic-related requests (e.g. essay completion for students).

Fees for services will be applied and vary depending on the requested services. Payment for services only acceptable via Paypal. 

Potential clients must agree to the Terms of Agreement below in order for a service request to be processed. By submitting, clients agree with the outlined terms in full.

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The client agrees to request writing and/or editing services on a basis of honesty and professionalism. If approved, clients will receive a Work Agreement detailing the approximate cost of services to be rendered, which must be signed by both parties before payment is sent or work commenced. Payments will be made through Paypal. Rates are in Canadian dollars (plus HST) and non-negotiable, and payment must be carried out prior to service commencement. All payments are non-transferrable and non-refundable once made to the writer. Once payment is made, the writer must adhere to the approved request of the client, and the client can not alter or change the nature of what was requested. The writer commits to providing specifically what was requested by the client and mutually agreed upon by both the client(s) and writer prior to payment. Clients retain publishing rights but must credit the writer, Corey Reed, where it is appropriate to do so. Clients will not alter, misuse or discredit the services or work carried out as per requested services in any way, shape or form. The client agrees that the writer has the right to refuse or cancel requests at any time. If payment was made and the request refused by the writer, then a full refund in the precise amount made by the client in Canadian dollars will be provided. No cancellations are applicable once the work agreement is signed by both parties.