Storytelling, considered by many as a mere hobby or craft to fiddle with, is in fact a powerful tool that can help stimulate the mind and senses. Through escapist storytelling — present in everything from historical blogs to captured imagery, fiction and essays — I hope to provide a sense of whimsy, wonder, intrigue, and inspiration in even a slight capacity.

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A historical blog dedicated to the golden age of ocean travel, with each entry highlighting the story and legacy of a different ocean liner. Cross the gangway.

Specially crafted pieces that aim to intertwine the written word and captured image in vivid harmony. All photos © 2016-2017 Corey Reed.

A collection of multi-faceted pieces that explore the often misunderstood artistic medium that is the video game. Features interviews, retrospectives, reviews and more.

Comprehensive in-depth studies of various music releases throughout history. Includes recommendations of must-listen tracks and more.


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Tinged with delicate contemplation one minute and elevated into bombastic vastness the next, Jen Gloeckner's "VINE" is a fantastic example of evolutionary artistry. Don't miss out on the review.

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